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❤️ JAI CHENG ❤️ 

Welcome to my world
You guessed it...... My name is Jai Cheng!
My daddy name is Tim Cheng and my mummy is Meera Cheng. I am proud to be a 'Chin-dian' baby.
My daddy's a British born Chinese and my mummy is a beautiful British born Indian.
They they both met in Manchester back in 2006.
And I was made in Manchester 2016.
Everytime my daddy and mummy takes me out. I receive so many
compliments of so many nice people out there.
People describe me as; Cute, Adorable, Beautiful and Handsome. But sometimes when i
cry at night, daddy gets grumpy:(
But mummy always cuddles me untill i fall back asleep:)
You can follow my life journey on my Instagram page.
(You may have to wait untill you get approved first, as i dont want weird strangers following me)
I cant wait untill i can talk to you, so i can thank you all for following me:)
Take care & lots of hugs and kisses.....
Jai Cheng xx
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#chindian #ilovecheng
For bookings and enquiries.
Please fill in the form.
Thanks again for your interest!
Jai Cheng x
Love & Beautiful Forever - Various Artist

Thank you. Daddy or Mummy will get back to you soon!


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